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  • Swine rabbit production by Grace Jokthan

    Swine rabbit production written by Grace Jokthan was published in the year 2019. It has details on Swine production, rabbit production, swine breeds, swine production, Pig house, Pig equipment, Rabbit breeds, Rabbit husbandry, feeds, feeding, recordkeeping, Rabbit Diseases, Pigs Breeding Cycle, pregnant sow, Feeding Pregnant Sows, Feeding Lactating Sows, Feeding Piglets, Feeding Young Pigs, Creep Feeding, iron provision, Needle Teeth Removal, castration, tail docking, sow culling, African Swine Fever, Swine Erysipelas, Anthrax, Enteritis, tetanus, Mastitis, Brucellosis, Trypanosomiasis, Pneumonia, Meat Hygiene, rabbit taxonomy .

    Swine rabbit production was uploaded for 500 level Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine students of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). it is recommended for ANP503 course .

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