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  • Technique in animal production by Isaac Butswat

    Technique in animal production written by Isaac Butswat was published in the year 2018. It has details on animal production Technique, Artificial Insemination, animal reproduction, semen preservation, Sex Determination, Sex Determination Chromosomal Theory Genic Balance Theory, Sex Determination theories, Genetic Dosage Compensation, Sex Reversal, Gamete Sexing, Embryo Sexing, Sex Chromatin, ovulation control, embryo supply, Embryo Transplantation, Heat Detection Methods, Cryopreservation Technique, cell Cryopreservation, Pregnancy Diagnosis, Rectal Palpation, Abdominal Ballotment, Radiography, Fetal Echocardiography, Vaginal Electrical Resistance, Progesterone Hormone Assay, Estrone Sulfate, cuboni test, Kosjakov‟s Test, Gonadotrophins assay, Friedman‟s Rabbit Test, cervical mucus, Milk Ejection, Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein, Early Pregnancy Factor, relaxin assay, Vaginal Biopsy, Parturition, Lactation, estrogen, weaning methods, Invitro Maturation, Fertilization, DNA probing, nuclear transfer, Somatic Cells Nuclear Transfer, molecular cloning, cell cloning, organism cloning, Parthenogenesis, human cloning, Cloning Extinct Species, cloning Endangered Species .

    Technique in animal production was uploaded for 500 level Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine students of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). it is recommended for ANP514 course .

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