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  • Farm Management by AEM NOUN

    Farm Management written by AEM NOUN was published in the year 2018. It has details on Farm Management, managerial functions, Managerial performance, Good manager, Data gathering, record keeping, updating farm records, Registered Data, Continuous Non-registered Data, Asset valuation, asset depreciation, Individual Farming Unit, Rational Behaviour, Opportunity Cost, marginal cost, Marginal Benefit, supply, demand, Law of Diminishing Returns, Net worth statement, farm labour management, Crop Enterprise Management, Factors Affecting Crop Yields, labour profiles, feeding, labour efficiency, Livestock Enterprise Management, Farm Budgeting, Farm Budgeting techniques, gross margin analysis, gross margin, total cost, gross farm income, Crop Yield Index .

    Farm Management was uploaded for 700 level Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine students of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). it is recommended for AEM753 course .

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