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    You will find Church History 1 PDF which can be downloaded for FREE on this page. Church History 1 is useful when preparing for CRS141 course exams.

    Church History 1 written by David Ogunrinade was published in the year 2020 and uploaded for 100 level Arts and Humanities students of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) offering CRS141 course.

    Church History 1 can be used to learn Church History, Ancient church history, Birth of Christian Church, Church persecutions, New testament Canon formation, church fathers, growth of liturgy, Reconciliatory Councils, Creedal Development, Monasticism, End of Western Roman Empire, Medieval Church, Holy Roman empire, crusades, reformation, Birth of Jesus Christ, Ministry of Jesus Christ, Death of Jesus Christ, Burial of Jesus Christ, Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Ascension of Jesus Christ, Tenets of Christ's Teachings, Pentecost, Gospel Testimony, Fall of Jerusalem, Doctrinal System, Institution of the Church, Stephen's Death and Saul's Involvement, Saul's Conversion, Church at Antioch, Jerusalem Council, Second Missionary Journey of Paul, Paul's Third Missionary Journey, Paul's Fourth Missionary Journey, Emperor Nero's Persecution, Edict of Emperor Constantine, Emperor Trayan persecution, Emperor Marcus Aurelous persecution, New Testament, New Testament origin, New Testament contents, Muratorian Fragment, Gnostics, Ebionites, Manichaeans, Montanists, Early Christian Church, Belief, John Chrysostom, Eusebius, Western Post Nicene Fathers, Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine, Liturgy development, Arian Controversy, Nature of the Holy Spirit, Apollinarian Controversy, Pelagian Controversy, Asceticism, Roman Church orthodoxy, Burgundians .

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