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    You will find Fatty acids PDF which can be downloaded for FREE on this page. Fatty acids is useful when preparing for CHE276 course exams.

    Fatty acids written by Ganiyat Oloyede was published in the year 2021 and uploaded for 200 level Science and Technology students of University of Ibadan (UI) offering CHE276 course.

    Fatty acids can be used to learn Chemistry, Fatty acids, fats, oils, lipids, fatty acids, iodine number, Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Unsaturated Fatty Acids melting points, saturated Fatty Acids melting points, Fatty Acid Synthesis, fatty acid reactions, oil Hydrogenation, oil hardening, Saponification, Saponification number, hydrolysis, esterification, Ester Exchange Reactions, Acidolysis, Alcoholysis, Glycolysis, Interesterification, oxidation, Transesterification, Auto-oxidation, photooxidation, rancidity, Ozonolysis, Epoxidation, Hydroxylation, Oxidative Cleavage, double bonds Hydrogenation, Catalytic Partial Hydrogenation, modfying fatty acid structure, Isomerization, Neighboring functional Group Participation, Friedel Crafts Acylation, Synthesis of Palmitin from Palmitic acid, Synthesis of Stearin (triglyceride) from Olein .

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