• GANONG'S REVIEW OF MEDICAL PHYSIOLOGY,23rd edition - PHS201,PHS204,PHS208,PHS210,PHS301,PHS302,PHS303,PHS309,PHS310,PHS312-

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    Course code: PHS201,PHS204,PHS208,PHS210,PHS301,PHS302,PHS303,PHS309,PHS310,PHS312-
    Department: physiology
    Year-published: 2013
    Author: Kim barett,Heddwen brooks,Scott Boitano,Susan Barman
    level: 200
    school: University of Ilorin
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    Uploaded on: 06-January-2020
    size: 28MB
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    Tags: Cell Nerve Excitable tissue Muscle cells Neurophysiology Endocrine Reproductive physiology GASTROINTESTINAL PHYSIOLOGY CARDIOVASCULAR PHYSIOLOGY RESPIRATORY PHYSIOLOGY RENAL PHYSIOLOGY

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