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    college physics written by OpenStax College was published in the year 2013. It has details on physical quantities, Kinematics, dynamics, FRICTION, DRAG, ELASTICITY, circular motion, gravitation, work, energy, energy resources, force, linear momentum, collisions, statics, torque, rotational motion, Angular momentum, fluid statics, fluid dynamics, TEMPERATURE, KINETIC THEORY, HEAT, HEAT TRANSFER, Thermodynamics, OSCILLATORY MOTION, WAVES, sound, electric charge, electric field, GAS LAWS, ELECTRIC POTENTIAL, ELECTRIC CURRENT, RESISTANCE, OHM'S LAW, CIRCUITS, BIOELECTRICITY, DC INSTRUMENTS, magnetism, ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION, AC CIRCUITS, ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIES, ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES, GEOMETRIC OPTICS, VISION, OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, WAVE OPTICS, SPECIAL RELATIVITY, QUANTUM PHYSICS, ATOMIC PHYSICS, RADIOACTIVITY, NUCLEAR PHYSICS, PARTICLE PHYSICS .

    college physics was uploaded for 100 level Science and Technology students of University of Ilorin (UNILORIN). it is recommended for PHY115, PHY125, PHY191, PHY142, PHY152, PHY192 course .

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