• Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering, 5th edition by Warren McCabe, Julian Smith, Peter Harriott

    Author: Warren McCabe , Julian Smith , Peter Harriott
    Course code: CHE303
    Year-published: 2013
    Department: Engineering, Enviromental and Technology
    Level: 300
    School: Institute of Management Technology
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    Uploaded on: 28-January-2020
    Size: 41.44 MB
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    This book contains information on Fluid Mechanics , Fluid-Flow Phenomena , Equations of Fluid Flow , Flow of Incompressible Fluids , Flow of Compressible Fluids , Flow past immersed bodies , Transportation of fluids , Metering of fluids , Agitation of liquids , mixing of liquids , Heat transfer , heat flow in fluids , Heat transfer to fluids without phase change , Heat transfer to fluids with phase change , Radiation heat transfer , Heat exchange equipment , Evaporation , Equilibrium stage operations , Distillation , multicomponent distillation , Leaching , Extraction , Diffusion , Mass Transfer between Phases , Gas Absorption , Humidification Operations , Drying of Solids , Adsorption , Membrane Separation Processes , Crystallization , Properties of Particulate Solids , Handling of Particulate Solids , Mixing of Particulate Solids , Mechanical Separations

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