• How to choose a niche as a copywriter

    Budding copywriters, listen up. Here is how to choose a niche.

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    Q1: What is a niche?

    A1: A specific industry

    E.g fitness, vet medicine, travel, wine, software/IT, construction etc. It's also a specific industry Vs. a type or speciality.

    Examples: B2B, B2C, blogging, websites, case studies, emails, white papers, product description, explainer scripts etc

    Q2: Why do you need a niche?

    A2: There are many reasons but I will give you 3.

    ✔️ To stand apart as a professional & expert.
    ✔️ Align with clients as a TRUE business partner
    ✔️ Charge more ( this sounds good right 😊)

    Q3: What niches should you consider?

    ✔️ Big thriving & growing industries
    ✔️ Variety of companies: B2C(Business to consumer) & B2B (Business to business).
    ✔️ Spends a lot on marketing 

    Examples of sweet niches to get yourself involved ASAP include: Real estate, construction, healthcare/dental, fitness and sports, retail/e-commerce, babies, natural products, SaaS & software, energy, food & beverage and so much more.... 


    Q4: So how do I choose?

    A4: Start with who you are

    ✔️ Interest
    ✔️ Knowledge
    ✔️ Education
    ✔️ Beliefs
    ✔️ Work and life experiences

    Narrow your search to 1-2 niche group and start exploring. 

    Q5: So how do you explore?

    A5: ✔️ observe industry trends and news.
    ✔️ Check out sub-niches
    ✔️ Look at job searches on LinkedIn & Indeed

    Q6: Can you combine niches?

    A6: Sure! But I recommend you start out with 1-2 and spread out as you get more experienced. 

    PS: if by now you can't still figure out a niche. You can do what I did.

    Write across all niches. It may take a while but you will eventually discover your preferred one. 


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